Danna Macias is a visual creative passionate about the intersection between art and technology. With graphic design as her first love, motion design her career, film her muse, and fashion design her guilty pleasure, she has made her life a work of art. Surrounded by curiosity, she wishes to create immersive experiences to keep art alive, conceptualizing the disruptive beauty of being.

Aside from her eye for motion, Macias spends her time crafting fashion editorials, working with models and photographers to turn her visions into fully realized works. Although Macias’s trajectory in motion may seem straight, her love for all things creative allows her to be freely through mediums and disciplines.


The Rookies
Draft Selection 2023 | Motion Graphics

The Rookies
Rookie of the Year 2023 | Motion Graphics

CoMotion 2024
Showcase Winner

CoMotion 2023
Showcase Finalist x3

CoMotion 2023
Showcase Winner x2

Young Ones 2023
Portfolio Shortlist in Animation & Visual Effects

Young Ones ADC 2023
Shortlist in Motion/Film Craft

SCAD Dean’s List
2021 - 2024

SCAD Distinguished Scholar Award
2021 - 2024


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