This social media piece unveils a hypothetical collaboration between luxury jewelry brand, Chrome Hearts, and my personal brand, The Life.

Chrome Hearts, renowned for its exclusive partnerships with elite brands and designers, is characterized by its bold, edgy, and singular aesthetic, transcending mere product sales to offer customers an experience. Rooted in a timeless gothic style and unparalleled craftsmanship, this piece draws inspiration from Chrome Hearts' printed issues from the early 2000s.

The Life, my personal brand, offers a fresh take on motion graphics, blending inspiration from fashion, editorial artistry, and film into a cohesive whole of multimedia work. Accompanied by a curated soundtrack, the piece evokes a futuristic-apocalyptic ambiance, yet warm and intriguing, captivating the viewer's curiosity. The intriguing imagery serves to pique interest without revealing too much, fostering a sense of anticipation and preserving the exclusivity of the brand.

Year: 2023
Role: Creative Direction, Design, 3D Animation

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