There lies a tale of ancient stance, the struggle against chaos gaining control over the cosmos. Chaoskampf, an ancient motif from mythology, depicts a God battling the monster of the sea, a feminine embrace of disorder and disarray. Through myths and legends from different cultures, Chaoskampf is an invitation to reflect on humanity’s perceptual struggle to impose order and meaning on the seemingly chaotic and unpredictable forces of the universe. “Divine/Disarray” surrenders to losing control and recognizing the beauty in what the waves have erased. A chance to welcome chaos and disruption, to recognize the elegance within disorder and flaw.

Year: 2024
Role: Creative Director, Words, Stylist, Producer

Photography by Ryan Arena
Photo Assist by Alexandra Benita
Production Design by Iyla Feist
Talent by Molly Linstrum

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© 2023 Danna Macias