Exploring the creative potential in human culture (culture spelled with a small C) is the impending inquiry of every creator who challenges art. Obliterating what is normal has caused the rise of multiple art movements, like Flux Art, Dada Art and Video Art, which attempt to redefine art and provoke society.
Flux Aeon takes inspiration from these movements and the flow of ages in creative environments that challenge what is traditional. By referencing nostalgic eras through anachronism, this editorial is a reminder that we all come from the same source of creative intelligence.

Year: 2022
Role: Creative Director, Words, Stylist, Video Editing, Producer


Photography by Giancarlo Bustos
Styling Assistance by Lily Braun
Videography by Mateo Laras
Talent by Brooke Niblock, Valentina Boren, and Tomo Scharber

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