“Justify the fact that I exist, I feel lost without that experience.”
-John M. Bennet

Chasing an inexistent pedestal to be in vogue and remain relevant in society has led to a sense of disconnection from one’s own passions. A dependency on external sources for self-worth fuels a generation’s suppression of individuality to uncover frustrated souls. Time and aesthetics have become the “tag” to reflect status and show visibility.

Avant-garde poet, John M. Bennet, felt the need to demonstrate his relevance in time as he described how he felt invisible. As a result, he retained pieces from his day-to-day life that documented his existence and relevance in time. “Found Objects” (1973),  a collection of visual poems, justifies this idea by being a physical representation of his time in this world. Paper scraps and fragments from magazines, newspapers, and other media record he is an actual person.

Are we trying to justify our existence? Or a deeply philosophical and experimental approach to artistic creation? “i died, actually exist” explores one’s relationship with oneself behind the facade and traces an ode to experimental literature by featuring Bennet’s text.

Year: 2023
Role: Creative Director, Words, Video Editing, Producer

Cinematography by Nathan Oliva
1st AD by Kay Tagliaferri
Lightning by Hunter Ray
Talent by Crystal Ju
Makeup by Ari Young Sang

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© 2023 Danna Macias