In the shadows cast by the overwhelming reality we hide, when we are reminded that we all must die. Memento Mori is the presence of mortality, a representation of fragility that encourages contemplation of one’s own existence. A concept that has been explored in the works of many famous authors and thinkers in art and literature. Regardless of the somber tune of this timeless truth, Memento Mori also beckons us to embrace life as we carry the weight of our own hourglass. In this paradoxical dance of shadows and light, we are dust and eternity, awakened to celebrate every heartbeat in a passionate relationship with life.

Year: 2023
Role: Creative Director, Words, Stylist, Producer

Photography by Giancarlo Bustos
Photo Assist by Alicia Horton
Styling Assist by Lily Braun
Talent by Aaron Waters, Violetta Somov, Taylar Delane

Published work here

© 2023 Danna Macias