The Cold War years witnessed the Space Race between the US and the Soviet Union. Humans discovered the Moon, politics became scientific, and design became more glamorous and futuristic in representing the atomic vault of the Space Age.

A new generation of designers turned away from the mass-produced industrial aesthetics and experimented with dramatic contemporary senses, celebrating the art of living. Pierre Cardin reinvented silhouettes with his avant-garde designs, while Andrè Courrèges defined the go-go boots along with the miniskirt for the contemporary “Moon girl.” Paco Rabanne experimented with metal and designed the beautiful interstellar suits of Barbarella.

The Space Age caused a worldwide fascination with outer space and inspired a futuristic design movement that prevails nowadays due to its simplicity, sophistication and playfulness.

Year: 2023
Role: Creative Director, Words, Stylist, Video Editing, Producer


Photography by Mei de Paula
Photo Assist by He Li
Production Design by Delia Riss.
Videography by Delia Riss and Sophie Waghorn
Makeup by Brooke Niblock
Talent by Fernanda Braniff, Sophia Jaramillo and Isabella Park

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