ManifestoBeautiful the idea of humanity is. To share a romanticized consciousness as a species above the “other”. An attempt for union as a collective identity resulting in a continuous oppression upon those who dare to exist outside the Vitruvius Man, the “Less human”, “Non-human”. Humanism designates humanity above the natural realm, attributing prime importance to human rather than divine or supernatural. The genesis of exploitation towards life deemed “inferior”, blind to empathy by a “human-centered” creed. Yet a framework that questions the primacy of the human and the necessity of such category lies to mend the fractures of existence and personal serenity.

The Posthuman decentralization of the human requires to release the sense of self-importance and embrace the interconnectivity and interdependence of all things. A rejection of the human as an autonomous realized being but an assemblage, co-evolving with other life forms, the environment and technology. In embracing Posthumanism, the grandest cosmic entity and the humblest microorganism thrive in the intricate dance of mutual reliance. 

To this paradigm, art permeates every facet of the human experience as they’ve become one, embracing the obscure desire for beauty. Vitruvio embodies a domain where art and humanity coexist harmoniously , transcending the confines of anthropocentric art as a unified entity.