It is the artist who desires to be someone else, finds society terribly ridiculous, and can make a character out of it. A character who lives amongst polaroid film and glitter on the floor, a character whose world is one where fashion is an attitude, music is consciousness, the film is culture, and art is unapologetic. With his life on display, Andy Warhol has inspired us to question the world and look at it from a provocative lens. From The Factory to Studio 54, from The Velvet Underground to television, he was able to do it all. However, the myth of Andy Warhol will always remain inexplicable because Andy Warhol’s biggest work of art is Andy Warhol.

Year: 2022
Role: Creative Director, Words, Stylist, Video Editing, Producer

Photography by Joe Tankersley
Videography by Annie Cater
Styling Assistance by Olivia Lively
Makeup by Paula Gomez
Talent by Eldar Isgandarov and Shammah Dosunmu

Published work here

© 2023 Danna Macias